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DeutschJacobs is a statewide practice that means business. 

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Small Business & Consumer Lawyers

Our firm is powerfully positioned in our state’s capital, Austin, Texas on Congress Avenue just two blocks from the capital building.


At DeutschJacobs we help people take control in changing situations. 


We help entrepreneurs establish and grow their businesses.  We help consumers regain power and respect.  We empower people each and every day.


When we meet with people who aren’t a good fit for our services, we explore other legal referral sources that better fit the person’s needsAt DeutschJacobs, we believe that everyone deserves respect and access to justice whether that’s found with us or elsewhere.


Our firm protects and empowers people through both our central areas of law: small business & consumer protection. 


Our small business practice works with entrepreneurs to protect and grow profits by securing business relationships with other business, between co-owners, and between co-employees. 


Our consumer protection practice works closely with the help and resources of the National Association of Consumer Advocates to secure consumer rights against fraud and deceptive business practices.